Yields of a forest garden

Yields of a forest garden


This blog shows some of the work I am interested in, I have been focused on Forest Gardens for over ten years, which are edible landscapes that follow the pattern of woodland systems.

A Forest Garden could be described as a relaxed, informal orchard with room for fruit and vegetables to grow. This approach utilizes all available space and allows nature to show us what it wants to do, working with the succession sequence, rather than against it.

Edible landscapes and forest garden food growing sites are sustainable, low input, high yield resources, which are implemented in spaces ranging from small backyards to larger communal spaces and schools.

I am available to work across London and South-East England to work on community spaces and domestic gardens.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Permaculture gardening and Natural Medicine

Permaculture gardening and Natural Medicine
“ Tending the garden without and within”
Saturday 25th April 2015   Nicole Freris & Claire White

Time 9:45am - 4:30pm     
At: The Orchard, 24 Hornsey Rise Gardens, London N19 3PR

This one day course will look at how natural systems can teach us how to garden sustainably and abundantly, and nourish our own health and vitality.  We will learn some of the guiding principles of permaculture and natural medicine and explore in practice, their applications, working in a beautiful orchard, and making plant remedies to take home.

The Day will include:
An overview of conventional and permaculture gardening & conventional and natural medicine.
The ecology of the garden and our body, natural approaches revitalising our health and our gardens.
Perennial Polyculture, seasonal food growing, garden medicinal herbs, and medicinal ‘weeds’ Practical sessions in the garden, and preparation of plant medicines.

Sliding scale fee:
Full cost: £60.
Concession: £30. (FT student / low income under 15k)
Soup for lunch provided.

More information & booking form contact:      <clairewhitegardens@gmail.com>