Introduction to Permaculture course Feb 2012 - Spitalfields City Farm

An introduction to the basics of permaculture design & how this approach can be applied to individual circumstances in order to facilitate a move towards sustainability. This two day 'taster' weekend will create opportunities to actively learn about the ethics and principles of permaculture.

Over the weekend we will cover:

Origins of Permaculture
Ethics and Principles
Design methods
Examples of permaculture in practice
A practical exercise or walk
An overview of the permaculture network and how to find out more.

Permaculture uses whole system thinking to consciously create productive environments that work with the diversity, stability and resilience of natural systems.

The course is a stand alone course or gives you access onto various Full Design Courses (72hr+)
This is the second of twelve introductory courses based at East London City Farms and Green peppers Orchard in Camden.

Each course will be lead by members of the London Permacuture Network.
£95 - Individual income more than 18k/yr

£60 - Individual income less than 18k/yr

£45 - Concessionary Rate -
income less than 10k/yr